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What If the StuG III was an APC?

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    Interestingly,although the Pz IV chassis was far to valuable to adapt for the Vorpanzer APC of this What IF discussion,at any time during the war,
    the Germans did have available captured early T-34 76mm tanks starting in the summer of 1941 (see Achtungpanzer files captured Russian tanks);
    Since this is a What IF, why not adapt some of these captured T-34s into a German version of a Kangaroo APC; the T-34 had excellent mobility for this role, particulary in the winter and snow.

    Later in 1943 at the "SS Panzerwerk" repair shop (at Kharkov some T-34s had Shuerzen added

    However, captured T-34s had a list of priorities in conversion use; starting with the FlaKPanzer (t-34r) with quad 20mm AA guns;next were artillery tractors and ammo carriers, and finally for the SS Pz Divs, a platoon or so of T-34s for expendable tanks;although once German tankers scored 29 kills in a Captured T-34 according to German reports.
    A "Kangaroo" APC adaption would seem to be last in this list;
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      I'm a bit late in getting here but found the thread when browsing for something else.

      There was a production APC on the Pz38(t) chassis though not a German one - the Swedish Pbv 301 which was based on the Stridsvagn m/41 license produced TNHP.
      Alan Hamilton


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        They needed the stugs to carry anti-tank guns, not troops.

        Besides, they had halftracks to carry troops which did pretty much the same thing except they had greater capacity, and were less expensive.

        No APC is really well suited to stand up to enemy tanks. The troops it carries usually exit at least 500 meters from any expected serious oposition unless escorting tanks can overrun it, in which case they usually stay inside and follow the tanks.

        At any rate, I don't think the numbers discussed in the opening would have been enough to make any real difference in the grand scheme of things.


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          The short answer is 'the Germans would be even more desperate for tanks and assault guns'.

          We had the manufacturing capacity to be able to afford to turn tank chassis into infantry carriers. The Germans didn't.


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