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Dien Bien Phu "What If?"

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    Just on a little side note, I've heard some intersting legends about the percentage of the french foreign legion at Dien Bien Phu having formerly served in the SS. Quite a lot some have said.


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      I think France was on it's way out as a colonial power, regardless of how this turned out.
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        the old SS legends are legends... Fall and Windrow are pretty clear about that. The majority of german serving in the legion at DBP were on their 20'...

        France was not more interested in tonkin, but they were (and actually tried) to keep power in the south. DPB was all about giving Navarre time for his southern operations (which indeed it gave). They were still interesting in keeping a sort of Commonwealth on indochina and if they were able to win DPB I think that the headlines would have been along:

        "Viet Minh corps de bataille smashed on the laotian higlands"

        "General Giap escape to china!"

        Giap bet everything on DBP ifg he got his main force chewed worse than they got hisstorically probably he would have been ousted like Ho chi Minh... there was a cap on the faith on the great leader (troung chin would have loved to sack them). And if Giap pissed his chinese advisors probably Mao would have been less than pleased... of course these are pure speculations...
        the real credit goes to the little ARVN soldier. He is just tremendous, just magnificent. He stood in there, took all that fire and gave it back. General James F. Hollingsworth USA.

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