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What the hell is wrong with (Some) Americans?

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    "so why do some US citizens seem to think everything the government do is secret and scary and one big conspiracy theory?"
    Because, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson, "They can't handle the truth!" That David Koresh was not "just a nice, religious guy" doesn't fit their narrative, so they choose to believe the conspiracy theories. Same with those who fawn over Mumia Abu-Jamal. That he is a p.o.s. cop-killer does not fit with their agenda.


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      no i dont think its wrong for america as such it seems to work for you guys and thats cool its just
      that from an english point of veiw or mine at least there are very few or no absoluts
      what i meant to say in my origanl post is that theres nothing wrong with americans and then what i posted
      it seems the problem stats when abslutes try to run a world that is many shades of grey funny i have the same opinon of islam
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        Originally posted by Cyberknight View Post

        2. Some people really believe that the governement is just an exrension of "secret interests" who control everything. These conspiracy adherents can be on the right and the left.
        Yeah, the Illuminati and other such. Jesuits. To believe that there is one or more small group that controls the world, you have to believe that it is controllable ------ and that's a jump I can't make. It always surprises me when people think huge plots could be accomplished --- they've been watching too many Ocean's Eleven-type movies. Because in life, there are usually lots of screw-ups --- a watchman finds the door taped open at the Democratic National Headquarters, whoops. And a president resigns.

        SOME big plots have been accomplished: Operation Overlord, and keeping the Enigma code-translation program a secret. Both were really involved. But they also had whole armies behind them, and conspiracy theorists think it's a small group, Queen Elizabeth as a drug seller, for instance.

        But I really think conspiracy theories are a symptom. When people feel out of control in a dangerous world, and do we ever, then they make up fantasies about how this or that group of plotters is out to get them. People hate Bush, who makes many of us insecure, so they decide he was behind what they most hate and fear, the Twin Towers falling. They simply link him with their sense of insecurity. It's not about logic, just emotion.

        I remember an otherwise apparently sane academic in 1972 informing us at a dinner party that President Nixon had stormtroopers training to take over the government in case he started to lose power. I was deeply shocked, but I'm not anymore. Paranoia is everywhere.


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