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Would the US have gone to war

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    Most Americans do not realise that the Grand Union with Great Britain effectivly ended their independance. As evidanced by their participating in every war begun by either France or GB.

    Suez? Falklands?

    I well remember the 82nd Airborne's great victory at Stanley ...

    How the US Marines stormed ashore at Cairo ...

    Hello there on planet Bolloxia it is a pleasure to meet aliens with such divergent thought processes to ourselves.


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      Originally posted by Aussie View Post
      So higher petrol and rubber prices, even for just a few months, would soon change the American peoples minds and have congress vote for war???

      Well all I can say is THANK GOD FOR THAT!

      Might have unwelcome guests down under sometime in '42, and as good as the AIF was, we may have had our hands full.

      Same thing is happening today down here, petrol has hit $1.40 a litre at times, or over $5 dollars a gallon, and will probably go higher, makes you want to go to war, [cripes, we already are!]
      The prices would just be a symptom of nasty disruptions in supply and distribution. The consumer price increases would be secondary effects to to a overall disruption. A look at the actual disruption when the oil & rubber were eliminated from the Allied balance sheet makes the effect fair clear. Japanese DoW or none. Historically we had a DoW first, & then disruption, price controls, government allocations, and rationing. In the alternative scenario the DoW comes later but with the cause (supply being cut off) being the same the effect (previous sentence) is much the same.


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        The problem with most "people" is that they spout out history like it is the truth.


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          I vote no. FDR was so fixated on the European front that I believe he would have put off a Pacific second front as long as possible. The Japanese were always viewed as a lesser threat than the Nazis, right up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
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