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What if Japan instead attacks Pearl Harbor on Christmas Day?

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  • What if Japan instead attacks Pearl Harbor on Christmas Day?

    I copied this one off another site. First of all, the whole historical maatrix changes.

    In the Far East, General MacArthur has been seriously reinforced by the badly needed Pennsicola Convoy and his forces have now been materially strengthened by the addition of two Artillery Regiments, an A-24 dive bomber group, lots of vehicles, ammunition, fuel and other logistical materials. At the same time, his airforce has been augmented, by the addition of at least two dozen B17 Heavy Bombers that were ferried from the West Coast to Wake Island, then to Guam and then to the Philippines. In addition, another tank regiment and much greater infantry and other military reinforcements are on the way via another convoy. Lastly, the remaining Marines who were based in North China would have been successfully loaded aboard the converted Ocean Liner USS President Harrison and sent to the Philippines to augment the Sixth Marine Regiment Garrison already there.

    In Malaya, the British Forces there would have too been strengthened by the addition of a battalion's worth of Bren Gun Carriers, troops, other logistical material and more importantly, the addition of the HMS. Prince of Wales and the Repulse to show a good face in the war of words against the Japanese. More importantly, the newly conscripted Indian troops would have received the much needed time to finish and add to their infantry training and expertise.

    In Hong Kong, the British and Canadians there would undoubtedly receive some reinforcement, plus the needed time to integrate the new weapons with the men already there.

    Likewise the Dutch East Indies. They would be receiving large consignments of P-40 Warhawk fighter planes and would have some much needed time for their pilots to become familiar with the new aircraft.

    Closer to Pearl Harbor, Wake Island receives further reinforcements of fighter planes, enough Marines to bring the Defense Battalion there up to strength, food, fuel, ammuntion and most importantly, a radar to detect any incoming Japanese Bombers.

    At Pearl Harbor, the Navy and Marines have received vast amounts of men and material to enlarge and to bring their garrisons up to wartime strength. In addition, the ships of the fleet have changed. The USS Arizona departed for the West Coast on December 10, for the installation of radar and a much needed upgrade of its AAA suite. Empty gun sponsons mark the place where the 1.1" antiaircraft gun mounts will be placed. The USS Colorado may or may not have been sent to replace her. The Carrier Saratoga would be still engaging in the working-up and overall training of her new aircrews. Who knows where the Carriers Lexington and Enterprise might be? The two US Army Divisions on Oahu have now been able to try out their new 37mm anti-aircraft guns, for the defense of Pearl Harbor, of which they now have over a hundred and their gun crews have gained some proficiency at their task.

    Chances are though, that the fleet would indeed be berthed in Pearl Harbor because of the Christmas Holiday. That was standard practice at the time.

    Most importantly, all of these commands would have an additional two weeks to prepare, plan and train their men for the combat that would be to come.

    What did I forget? What say you guys and gals?
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    never thought of that. but for sure if the carriers were at Pearl, it would perhps be a good Japanese victory.

    as for Philipines, Malaya, etc. extra reinforcements would not change much the outcome.
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      interesting scenario ....

      as piero says it wouldnt have made a difference as singapore etc the top brass didnt belive the infantry troops and till it was too late...
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        I wouldn't have given them any eggnog or turkey
        I don't reealy think the outcome would have been much different. Than on the Dec 7th.
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          Potential carrier losses, a knock-back of the timeline and (if possible) even more hatred for 'the godless little yellow men'. Given the racism at the time, this would only reinforce it above and beyond what actually happened. Imagine the headlines: Japs kill Father Christmas! Godless Japs Send Bombs for Christmas!

          It wouldn't be pretty (any more than it was the way it happened).
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