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WI: Hitler and Stalin are Assassinated?

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  • WI: Hitler and Stalin are Assassinated?

    Alright I think there is both a WI:Hitler Assasinated and a WI: Stalin Assassinated threads floating around here but what if both were assassinated during WWII. How would the rest of WWII have turned out?
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    Optimally, their underlings tear the Reich and the Soviet Union apart in infighting, leaving them both easy pickings by the Allied Forces. God I wish someone had put a bullet in both their brians in 1941.
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      I wish someone would have put a bullet in both their brains in 1931.


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        or earlier.
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          The possibility that we might lose the war arises.
          Some military genius might replace them.
          One British officer was always confused by Allied plans to assassinate Hitler. He believed he was one of the best secret weapons they had.


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            Assassinate Stalin? He was dead for three days before anyone would go near him!
            Hitler played Golf. His bunker shot was a hole in one.


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