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A Pottpourri of A.T.L. Questions...

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  • A Pottpourri of A.T.L. Questions...


    A) President Roosevelt had died in office- in 1938? Leaving John Nance Garner as President. We come to 1940 and President Garner prefers congress to the Presidency, leaving the 1940 electrion wide open?

    B) Ambasssador of England, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., initiates a secret meeting with 'high Nazi officials,' in order to start a war between Russia and America, with Germany as America's ally?

    C) The Naval plan to bomb the V2 sights to 'smitherenes' using remote guided aircraft crammed to the rafters with tnt succeeds, and Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., comes home a decorated war hero, with his ( and his father's ) eyes on the future?

    D) Hitler in no certain words tells the Japanese that".. If you attack America by yourself, then you will fight America, by yourself. We will respect their neutrality."

    E) King Edward the VIII declares to his Government that ".. Though it may sadden my heart, I must put my people and crown before my own well being, and shall give up any further idea of persuing Mrs. Simpson to be my wife."

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