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What if...Hong Kong was not returned to PRC in '97?

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  • What if...Hong Kong was not returned to PRC in '97?

    I was looking through another Alternate History forum and came across this topic. I figured it was interesting enough to put here to see what you thought of it:

    The way I see it, there are two ways this coudl happen.

    A) In the early 1980's after veiled threats from Deng Xiaopeng, Thatcher calls for a referendum on all adminstrative territories of the UK (Malta, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, etc). All territories are incorporated into the United Kingdom. CHina does not recognise the assimilation of Hong Kong and the hinterlands ceded by treaty, and in 1997, in lieu of the ceremonies, tries to take Hong Kong by force. In this situation, the PRC has violated what is now sovereign British Territory. How do you think this would play out?

    B) Come 1996, Britain, after reviewing the "contract" enters negotiations with Taiwan over the issue of Hong Kong. Due to administrative difficulties (namely PRC never allowing Taiwan a foothold on mainland China), Britain remains in power for what is, for all intents and purposes, eternity. Here, due to the mere fact that (in a legal sense) Taiwan has taken Hong Kong, the Chinese government starts posturing against the UK and US governments, taking the issue to the UN. What do you think this would turn out like?

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