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    I think you can take a prior period army and 'modernize' it's tactics (like Engineer stated) and have a decent and plausible 'what if' type fight that could go either way, but simply taking an army from 500 or so years in the past and expecting it to have any realistic chance against anything more modern than WWI infantry is asking too much. Once armored vehicles and machine guns enter the picture, any pre-gunpowder army is destined to lose short of a few hundred-to-one ratio.

    Now, a WWII army against Civil-War era might (might) be a challenge, likewise Napoleonic versus Mongol - this would be close I think, but opening up the era spread to 'modern mechanized' warfare versus pre-gunpowder (or even pre-wheel or flintlock)... I just don't see the lower-tech winning without rediculous odds in their favor.
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      wasn't there a 1970's -ish movie with the silly idea of having a modern vietnam-era army going into a time warp into medieval Japan (or China)... I rememebr as a kid sseing scenes where a bowman on a horse would intercept an Helicopter with an arrow...

      Rambo III did sillier things...
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        The mongols will be wiped out by the Luftwaffe and willl spears and arrows pierce a panzer 4's armour the mongols would be totally wiped out in a few hours.


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          Originally posted by Phiggily View Post
          I'd really appreciate some feedback on this. Am I beyond hope? An idiot?

          Thanks guys.
          You are simply trying to be creative, which is a valuable thing!

          Ok, regarding the mongols I thought that after all there may be some veeeeeeery slight chance (at least a strategy) to cope with the huge technology disparity.
          So let's do a small analysis:
          Mongols weaknesses - obviously a huge disadvantage in technology.
          Mongols strenghts :
          a) an ability to strike quickly and run.
          b) No supplies needed - mongols could eat of the ground and build their ammunition (arrows) as they went.
          German weakness :
          a) a huge modern army requires enormous amount of supplies and lengty supply lines to provide them deep in the steppes.
          b) strengths we all know...

          So while the Mongols could forget about defending stalingrad they still could do the following:
          a) Burn all cities they go through denying the germans any real gains.
          b) Maintain a huge number of small cavalary groups, which are able to hide and make concentrated "hit and run" attacks on supply lines.

          Such battle of attrition would be a typical partisan battle - it would force the germans to make an efforts to hold control over huge areas , which they simply wouldn't have soldiers to do.

          But I'd still bet on the germans, though...
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            Following the Mongol's preferred style of fighting they would have the following in WWII equipment, if they could build it. This is an idea of what Mongol production/engineering would probably be based on.

            1) Horse Archer = Mechanized inf and light AT/scouting systems = WWI equivalents

            Universal carriers with MGs carrying light infantry. The Mongols were obsessive with the ability to operate in all conditions, and the Carrier is better at that than the halftrack.

            Fast Tank Destroyer. Probably something with about 35mm of armor and a long 75mm or even an 88mm gun. High HP to weight ratio giving it a good turn of speed and wide tracks giving it all weather/terrain ability. The mongol's composite (not compound) bow gave them a long reach with the ability to penetrate heavy armor back then. A fast All terrain TD with a powerful gun would give them the punch against tanks, but the speed to stay out of their sights. It would also give them the strategic speed for the swarm tactics of the steppe.

            Light armored car. An 8 wheeled armored car with 15mm of armor and a 40mm rapid fire AA gun. The ability to engage the enemy with high firepower at long range, coupled with the speed of light cav.

            Heavy Cavalry = Heavy Tank = WWII equipment:

            Something quite a bit like the Tiger. Heavy armor and a heavy gun. Probably more like a Tiger with a 105 mm howitzer functioning as an infantry support/main battle tank alongside the TD squadrons.

            Siege Engineers = Arty = WWII Equipment:

            88mm Flak. One has to imagine the Mongols would want a highly mobile, multirole arty piece and would look for one to do that.

            150mm Arty. The mongols did appreciate good siege engines, therefore they would spend the effort to have a true heavy arty force on call.

            Air Forces = based on assumptions.

            A6M Zeke 'Zero'. Manueverable with long range, ok speed and high manueverability. Exactly what their military philosophy would want in a fighter.

            B25 Mitchell. The mongols were masters of strategic manuevering and would see the effect the medium bomber could have if used as a logistics interdiction weapon.

            IL-2 Sturmovik. The mongols would want a true ground attack aircraft to supplement their TDs. Using radios, the TDs could withdraw, suckering in the Germans only to be hit by several squadrons of IL2s before the TDs wheel around and resume the beating.
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