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  • Tolbiac

    What if the Battle of Tolbiac had been won by the Franks? Im thinking this because I was watching the Dark Ages and tons of Barbarian documentaries on the history channel. Through watching them I found out Clovis of the Franks, almost lost the battle of Tolbiac vs the Alemanni. During the battle when things were really going bad, he decided to convert to Christianity, the religion of his wife. He then prayed to God asking to win the battle. He ended up winning the battle, and he converted to Christianity, along with the rest of the Franks.

    Later in history the Pope called for the Christian Kingdom of the Franks to help Rome not be taken over by the Lombards. They then attacked into Italy, keeping the Lombards at bay and saving Rome. Now I begin to think. Where would Roman Catholicism be if this battle was lost?

    Where there other Roman Catholic nations at the time? Medieval isnt really my period. Because if not, and Rome is on its way out, wouldnt Roman Catholism be lost? Would Paganism be a more dominant religion and still possibly today?

    I also always hear how the History Channel is not reliable, if they are not, along with my lack of information, there could be a reason why Ive never heard this what if, or this battle before. So please help me figure this out if you can!

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    No one has anything to say? Not even to say this whole idea is wrong? Not even to say an idea of what would happen? I thought I found a gold mine of possibilities!


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      well, a religious person would say, if he did win because he did convert.

      but more realistically, msot "barbarians" when in contact with Roman civilized regions adopted the romans's ways and religions, as symbols of a much more developped and civilized culture. so he might have changed religion sooner or later or his successors would or the alemanni would.
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