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Baron Manfred Von Richtofen in WW2

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  • Baron Manfred Von Richtofen in WW2

    What if Baron Manfred von Richtofen had survived WW1, possibly gaining 100 combat kills? Herman Goering would never have taken command of Jasta 11. When the Nazis eventually rose to power, would Richtofen have willingly become Reichsmarshall and taken charge of the Luftwaffe or would he have run a mile from Hitler and his thugs?

    What kind of leader would Richtofen have been during the Battle of Britain if he'd lived then?
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    as a nobel, it is unlikely Manfred would have gone with the Nazis, but then weirder things happened int he 20's and 30's in Germany.

    as for his strategic skills - they are unknown of course since he died. a good pilot may not make a good airforce commander...

    as for goering, he might still have been a high-profile pilot and join the NASDP.

    any experts in ww1 have any ideas?
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      Goerings advance was due to his vicious political skills & his getting in on the ground floor of the nazi party in the 1920s. He was one of Hitlers favorite yes men and involved in the worst of the nasty party activities of the 1930s (Reichtag fire was organized by him, & he headed the Prussian police dept for several years.).

      There were many better quailified men for heading the Luftwaffe and most of them served in it. Most likely it would have been the same for Ritchoffen.


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        He could have gone Nazi. Wasn't it his cousin in charge of the Luftwaffe for most of the Russian campaign in WW2? I think he attained the rank of field marshal but later committed suicide. So who knows?

        I will say that if Manfred was a staunch monarchist I doubt he would have fully supported Hitler.
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          At the least I think he would have had more influence than Udet. Perhaps due to this Germany would have gone ahead with the Eurobomber and not relied so heavily on dive bombing. That in itself would have given The capability to conduct extreme range bombing much earlier on, and may have even been the igniter for the Nazis to increase emphasis on their own atomic program in a more timely fashion.
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