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1939 "Fast Jet" Research is No.1 German Priority

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    Originally posted by Aussie Dave View Post
    Yes but we're assuming those Brilliant Rocket Scientists are now working on Jet Propulsion, and Germany is putting most its available resources into the project.
    All right, but you can't just turn a specialist in a certain research area into another area like that. The americans had Einstein, but what good would have he made in jet research? Ok, that's a little far fetched, because jet and rocket engineering are certainly much closer to each other than theoretical physics to jet engineering. Still, you can't just take a scientist and expect he makes the same progress in a research area that is not his own.


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      Good point. At the thoretical level it is not too hard to tranfer from one direction to another. ie Goddards earliest work on fuel combustion inside large chambers applied equally to jet or rocket motors. If I recall correctly he used knowledge of internal combustion engines as one of his starting point. But, as you progress through the lab or test bench stage the details of the engineering diverge quickly. Being able to plan the details of the most effcient flow of volitile liquid rocket fuel is a bit different from doing the same for kerosene for a pulse jet or tubine jet engine.

      Still I wonder what the possibility of having fifty, or a hundred, or two hundred first generation jet fighters like the Me 262 in production at the start of 1942 would be? If that were possible the Allied air war would be headed for trouble.


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