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Diffrent Korean War Strategy

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  • Diffrent Korean War Strategy

    What if during the Korean War period the North Koreans pursed a diffrent strategy of creating guerillia groups in the South and pursing a strategy not too diffrent from that of the North Vietemese during the the Vietnam War.

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    They did. Several thousand NKPA soldiers and Communist Party leaders or cadres were isolated in the south by the late summer US offensive. For the next two years a bloody gurillia war was fought in the hills with these remnants. Most of the fighting against them was done by the South Korean army and police forces, so there is very little on this subject in English. I have only seen it described in a few magazine articals. A few US Army & Marine veterans I know refer to occasional small fights with Communist insurgents.

    The best known incident involving US units was the revolt by NKPA & Chinese prisoners inthe main POW camp. The prisoners chased the MP guards out and killed the Brigadier General commanding the camp. US airbourne battalions suppresed the revolt in several days of fighting. A rather embarrassing incident for the US Army


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      I don't think it would have had the same effect like it did in Vietnam. Vietnam was different, alot was jungle and the US forces had to fight soldiers coming from N. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Theres like a 1000 miles of border to cover when Korea is just the one front line horizontaly across the Korean peninsula. There wouldn't be such a infiltration of guerilla soldiers. It would have caused a problem to the UN forces though.
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