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  • Werwolf pt.2

    As I mentioned in the thread in the general WW2 forum, I asked the ideological question as to why Werwolf or a larger resistance did not take place. Well, now the question "what if" ? What if there had been a more organized resistance led by fanatical hard core SS veterans who managed to intricately put together an underground army? Undiscovered international business fronts, weapons caches, training, and whole cadres of SD, WSS, and other fanatics.

    What if there had been an "insurgency" on the scale of what is happening in Iraq? I know that it would be inconceivable for suicide bombings at that time and with a western society that is simply crazy.

    Several factors come to mind:

    1. The Allied occupation was massive. The Iraqi occupation is minimal and ineffective.

    2. Denazification efforts were comprehensive and intense. The de-Baathification was/is probably not as effective.

    3. The Soviets didn't screw around. Mass murders and executions were a matter of course. This will never happen in Iraq.

    In spite of this, what could have been the possible recourse if a larger National Socialist resistance has taken shape? If a resistance in Germany were making an impact for as long as the Iraqi "resistance" has?

    I know, in Iraq the Arabs fighting are from all over the place, from many different Muslim it is seen to Arabs to be more of a religious struggle.

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    There are a few things though.

    1. While Allied occupation was massive, there was also a massive need to either transfer these forces to the Pacific or disband them as the war weary people only wanted their boys to come home.

    2. If the occupants applied violent acts against the German populace, the de-nazification program wouldn`t have been as effective.

    3. See above. You cannot terrorise people into submission, this has been proven time and again. Only by winning their hearts and minds will you win their support.
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      I think the western Allies, overwhelmingly did win the hearts and minds of Germans (and others) as the powerfull Hollywood + Chewing-gum/coca-cola culture brought with the US troops + the food, etc. + the generally well-behaved soldiers (no gung-ho) did win the thing.

      also, the western allied had a moral blank check. they fought against tyranny.
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