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Hitler's fatal mistake?

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    Originally posted by Tom Phoenix View Post
    True. But assuming nothing else changes, Germany ends the same way it did before. And Hitler still sees the downfall of Germany "who was backstabbed by Bolsheviks and Jews". Also, people usually become more power hungry the more they progress by the society ladder. Hitler was not the kind of person to be satisfied with a mediocre life.

    Also, who is to say he would become a excellent artist? Perhaps his career failure would have still left him the same frustrated man he became in reality.
    Right. But do you think that Hitler pursuing a regular artistic career would have joined the Kaiser army at precisely the same time point? Probably he would have done it later, because he would have been involved in a completely different kind of life. And assuming this, how can one think that he would still have joined the same outfit, been wounded at the precise time point, ended in the same hospital and met the same officers that recruited him to spy on the nazi party? If he had survived the war, probably he would have at least tried to continue his previous career, and if he had gone into politics only a few years later, things probably would had turned out differently. Small parties like the NSDAP would have already disappeared from the scene, he would maybe have joined another, less extreme and already etabled party where other personalities could have checked or hindered his career. As I said, changing a little thing could change everything else. And who knows, maybe other potential Hitler or Napoleon lived but never 'surfaced' and died unknown to history because they missed the right occasion at the right time.


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