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    This is not a revisionist timeline. This is for the future. Given the present state of affairs, let's imagine that Israel finally said enough is enough and fully invaded Lebanon to root out the Hezbollah wrong doers and got tougher with the Palestinians ie: bulldozing villiages and the like.

    Would Syria get involved militarily? Iran? Any of the other Arab nations?

    Now Israel is not giving in to UN or U.S. pressure to stop this. So, where will it go?

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    I don't see either nation getting directly involved with troops on the ground - the Israelis have proved over the years that they can easily handle themselves when they are outnumbered, and turn the tables on their enemies. I think we'd just see more proxy fighting - with Syria and Iran pumping more and more money into extremist groups to undermine Israel from within.

    Might change once Iran gets nukes though, in which case all bets are off and the entire region will probably become uninhabitable for 10,000 years.

    Dr. S.
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      Tsahal is overrated, methinks - but smart enough not to repeat the mistake of invading an enemy land...
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        Well, there is one aspect people are overlooking so far.

        On the ground, Israel is currently doing nothing else than documenting that their compat capabilities against irregular forces are lacking. They are not at all doing well there.

        In 1982 they were in Beirut at this time, and in the real wars they smacked enemy formations like nothing.

        If the old enemies figure that Israels land army is weak now they might try again (and not care about the fine points that performance against guerilla mixed in with civilians doesn't really reflect performance against conventional military units).


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