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The Battle of Poitiers

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  • The Battle of Poitiers


    I am reading Barbara W. Tuchman's book, A Distant Mirror: The Calamitious 14th Century, it is an excellent book on analyzing the events of 14th century. What strikes me the most is how France was torn apart by its ineptness of royal leadership and military commanders.

    It makes me wonder how would had France fared if the Battle of Poitiers was fought in France's favor? There would be no infamous Black Prince and no ransom of King Jen, and much of French nobility preserved, avoiding the debacle of Crecy. It also meant there would be no Hundred Years of War between France and England. The Black Prince's forces were one of two prongs of English offensive aimed to bring major pressure on France to sue for peace, preferably in English's favor. The destruction of Black Prince's forces would have ended any English effort to hold France for lengthy periods.

    Do you agree that the Battle of Poitiers was the definitive turning point, that is far more significant than the Battle of Crecy?

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    Given that Poitiers occured ten years after Crecy (1356 and 1346 respectively) I don't think the battle was a major turnng point. Even these defeats didn't affect the French nobility's preferred method of conducting war as is shown by their performance at Agincourt. A victory at Poitiers would only have led to another crushing defeat or three at the hands of the professional English army. Short term it would have impacted heavily on the English of course, although capture at Poitiers might have led to Edward becoming King instead of dying tragically young, fundamentally changing the future of the English monarchy (but let's not go too far ).
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