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What if Hiritus and Pansia didn't die?

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  • What if Hiritus and Pansia didn't die?


    For those who don't know Roman history, Hiritus and Pansia were Consuls, and they were moderate Casearians, who opposed Mark Antony and kept Octavian on 'sidelines' for a while. Actually, this was more of Cicero's strategy as he desperately wanted to keep Roman Republic alive in some form one way or another.

    Hiritus and Pansia both died in the battles of Muntia, where Antonian forces nearly defeated Republican forces. Pansia died in the first battle, however, when Hiritus arrived on scene, routing victorious Antonian troops, in the second battle of Muntia. Unfortunately, for Cicero, Hiritus died shortly after the second battle was over, leaving both Consulships vacated. This allowed Octavian to gain ascendancy in Roman politics, and this allowed him to defect from Republican cause, dooming Cicero's strategy once for all.

    So, what would have happened had Hiritus and Pansia been alive? I think they would have followed up on the defeat of Antonian forces at Muntia, destroying Antonian faction once for all. Moreover, with Octavian towed in line, he wouldn't be allowed to make political gains on his own, not as long the more experienced Hiritus (who was a friend of Casear, and he wrote the last chapter of Gallic Wars book) and Pansia were still on scene.

    That would also meant Cicero would be still alive, and perhaps guide demicated Republican forces to form some of concord amongst different factions vying for the control of Roman destiny. However, with Hiritus and Pansia dead, this allowed Antony to regain his footing and defending his ground as Octavian collected his troops and made headway for Rome, twice. Eventually, Cicero and the rest of his family were put on proscription, ending any hope of a Republican victory.

    What do you think?

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    Roman history from Marius and Sulla on was showing the inadequacies of republican government, so IMHO the loss of those 2 would not have changed things in the long run. Octavian might not have become emperor, but someone else would have and sooner rather than later.


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      a split empire perhaps?
      a western one from Rome
      an eastern one from Alexandria.. with a roman-greek (Octavian-Cleopatra) new dynasty....
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        Possible, but it would have led to war as each side tried to conquer the other. The roman side would see roman glory at stake. And any Roman in Egypt would want Rome back.


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