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    I am working on developing an Alternate History timeline for an online INteractive story I run, think Turtledove, but where you play a character and the story plays out in novel form, is there anyone that would be willing to check it out for any historical mistakes i may have made?

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    Depends on timeline. I could do modern history (more or less). But the more you go to the past, the more questionable will be my knowledge. However, I am willing to do some research if need be.
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      Not to mention that the deeper you go into the past, the more subjective modern alternate history becomes. Technology, culture, tactics, all are subject to massive changes because of minor alterations in the past.
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        It is set in 1941.....around Pearl Harbor with a twist


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          Iím sure there are many here that would be more then happy to critique it for you. Seriously Iím sure we can help out (in fact you will probably get too much help).
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            I will post a new link, as I redesigned the website, seeing as the first version of the website was designed while the idea was being developed and evovling, now I think it has pretty much set on the path it is going to follow. So I will start I new thread here, even though it is more of an interactive story concept and you guys can congratulate me, tear my idea and design apart or both


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