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What if the U.S. never entered WW2?

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    Originally posted by grognard
    The Soviet Union could have beaten Germany without Allied help, but it would have taken much longer. Germany could not have beaten USSR because the Soviets just would not quit fighting for Mother Russia. There may have been a stalemate, but Hitler would not have accepted one and would have tried another Kursk at some point. He did order Operation Conrad even after The Bulge. Given Soviet intelligence, they would have broken any other offensive like they did at Kursk and then counterattacked--sooner or later Hitler's foolish offensives would have spelled German defeat.
    I agreee. plus a nuke-armed USA would have imposed peace anyway later on.

    it was not abvious at all for the US to enter the war.. and only the masterfull manipulation of Japan to attack the US pushed the USA to enter the war... most US citizens were for neutrality at the time and a large minority supported Germany - as in ww1.

    Europe would become mostly communist, unless, the specter of communism would have pushed France, GB, Spain, etc. to join the fight on sthe side of Germany?
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