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no Hitler in post ww1 period

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    I think that if Hitler has never risen to power in Germany under whatever circumstances, then I think that Germany would have still have a radicial Gov't(of either left or right wing) and that it would have started a war eventually(perhaps later that 1939), but we definitely would not have seen the horrors that's associated with the Nazi's(the Holocast, etc.).


    Originally posted by piero1971
    Here is a what if I'd like to have your opinion on.

    Let's assume Hitler is out of the game - let's say he got hit by a british shell during the war, or that he succeeded in passing his entrance to the Vienna beaux-arts and went on quietly to became a succesfull, albeit only moderately talented artist.

    Germany's Weimar republic slowly recovers despite the left and right wing extremist's riots around the country. General Hindenburg is president and choses a governement of national unity instead of that bunch of beer-hall lunatics led by Göring and Röhm...

    in the 30's Germany recovers from economic recession and claims that the Versailles treaty was unfair and seeks British and Italian diplomatic help in restoring Germany to it's natural frontiers - with high anxiety of France, Poland and Czech.

    What would have happenned?

    I think it woudl be probably that France would have accepted German claims on it's eastern lands if Germany accepted to renounce once and for all to Alsace and Lorraine. Britain would not have accepted too much risks of war and would probably have asked Poland to play nice and probably would not have guaranteed Polish territorial integrity.
    italy, however, would not have liked to see Germany get more ambitions towards Austria nor the Sudeten, and so probably Germany's only ambition would be against Poland

    perhaps a limited war then in what, 1940? 1942? between Germany and Poland... but because of the more limited rearmament, a much less mechanized and weaponized Germany? but with limited objectives... (Danzig and Pomerania)

    what do you think?


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      Originally posted by HistoryFan
      ...but we definitely would not have seen the horrors that's associated with the Nazi's(the Holocast, etc.).

      I'm not sure that's true. Without Hitler hogging all the newsreels maybe we would have paid more attention to Stalin, who would have been free to push the Soviet Union further down his road to hell without the interference caused by the Barbarossa invasion.
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