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    Originally posted by Tom Phoenix
    Actually, Brest-Litovsk was signed beetween the Bolshevik goverment and the German goverment. If the Revolution was reppeled, Russia would have stayed in the war until the end of it. As for the civil war, by then the war was over and the Germans signed the peace treaty in Versailles which, among other things, nuliffied the Brest-Litovsk deal.
    Thanks for the correction.
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      My thinking in saying that Lord Halifax was made PM is that following Dunkirk (there was no way anyone was going to stop that. There just wasn’t time) he would have been more willing to cut a deal with Hitler.
      Something along the lines of Britain recognizing Germanys dominance of the continent and Germany not asking for any of her old colonies back. With Britain out of the war the U.S. would not have put through Lend-Lease. So no supplies for Russia when Germany invaded. Also without the battle of Britain the Luftwaffe would have had all those experienced pilots and aircrews that were lost in Britain.
      Also with no western front or distraction in Africa there could have been more troops to fight in Russia. And let’s not forget without the allied bombing campaign all the resources that went into defending the Reich would have been available to the army and air force on the Eastern front.
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