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What Saddam could have done differently in 1990

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    Originally posted by MarkV View Post
    All of which I said at the beginning of this thread except that he didn't need to take the whole peninsular just Eastern province Saudi plus Bahrain, Qatar and the Emirates. Getting supplies from the Western province ports across to the East would be a logistical nightmare for the Coalition. One very long single desert road and with a potential log jam at the Christian Bypass round Mecca.
    The problem with that is that gives the coalition regional air bases and ports to work from. They land and defend those ports and bring in air power. They then use airborne, amphibious, and land based troops to cut off the Iraqis near the Kuwait border with Saudi and grind them up piecemeal. You need to take the whole peninsula to avoid that situation.

    Once you give the coalition a decent port relatively close to the action, you're finished. The US could have moved an armored division across the peninsula. The Marines had the capability to land a full division, possibly more. The 101st could drop anywhere once the US has an airfield or airfields in the region to operate from.
    You have to eliminate their getting a port and airfields entirely to prevent an initial build up.


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      Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
      Actually, Saddam could do virtually nothing to stop the coalition once he p!$$ed the planet off. His army was structured, equipped, and trained to fight an industrial age war like WW 1 or 2, not an electronics age war which is what he was facing.

      Saddam's command and control structure was fit for fighting in the 1920's or 30's not the 90's.

      I don't think anyone outside of the Western powers realized just how much warfare had changed in the 20 years leading up to GWI.
      It was following Dessert storm that the PRC began to revamp and modernize their military having seen just how out of date they were.
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        wasnt saddams airforce outnumbered like 10 to 1 in the air ? I mean if all of them stayed and put up a fight


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          Giving them way to much credit to accomplish anything.

          Originally posted by nastle View Post
          Do you think the pakistanis and egyptians could have helped the saudis before the western coalition has time to mobilize and deploy in the gulf
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