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    No question.

    An attack by the full American nuclear force would have killed 54% of all Soviet citizens, including 71% of all urban dwellers, while the Soviet response would "only" kill 3-7% of the US population. That's "only" 5.5 million - 13 million Americans killed. "Only" twice to five times the US deaths in all others wars combined, depending on the breaks.

    The Europeans as you point out would bear the brunt of the Soviet advantage in conventional arms.
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      not a scenario I'd like ti see anyway
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        The cold war certainly had some chilling moments. The Iron Curtain, Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, the formation of NATO and Warsaw pact, Berlin airlift and wall, Iran, Greece, Cuba, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Suez, Six day, Yom Kippur, Angola, Nicaragua, Grenada, Afghanistan, all ending with the collapse of communism. And all in the backdrop of the longest and most deadliest arms race the modern world has ever seen.


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