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    If radio had existed at the time of the American Civil War what would each side have adopted as its style when broadcasting to the other side? Would there have been a Savannah Hannah for example? What would their messages haver been? What would the man in the trench at Vicksburg have heard?
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    Given the nature of the two governments, the Union would have had more federal control of the airwaves. I could see the equivalent of a PBS being on the air along with content from public stations being controlled from Washington.

    The CSA putting state's rights first would have more likely had very little or any radio broadcasting as a nation but rather 13 states doing what they wanted.

    As radio broadcasting requires large quantities of electrical power it's likely that towards the end of the war the broadcasting was mostly, or entirely, Union based. I doubt Richmond could have found the necessary energy to keep a high power station on the air, and if they did the Union is very likely to have tried and jam the broadcast.

    The Union would also have another advantage: The blockade. That means they have ships along the Confederate coast broadcasting into Confederate territory far from Union lines.