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Ditch Kriegsmarine, allocate resources to Luftwaffe

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    Originally posted by Zowert View Post

    Yeah but didn't a lot of those ships use fuel? How much fuel was put into that large U-boat fleet? Convert it to aviation fuel (yes its very possible) and ship it inland to Luftwaffe facilities. Send another air fleet to Rumania to protect German interests (oil fields) there.

    Also, a lot of the manpower used in building worthless ships could've been used elsewhere. From transportation industry to riflemen, AA Gunners, coastal battery garrisons, etc.
    While you are right, fuel was the Achilles heel of the third reich, the colossal naval mistake was the invasion of Norway, and the huge infrastructure used to control ,sort of, it's coast.

    The small German fleet was decimated.

    so, having and using the surface Kriegsmarine created the Reich's big first mistake.....
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