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Convoy PQ17 - Wichita & Tuscaloosa versus Tirpitz & Admiral Hipper

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    Originally posted by OttoHarkaman View Post
    Could the American Cruisers have done sufficient damage to the German surface warships to have prevented the PQ17 Convoy disaster?

    First Sea Lord Admiral Dudley Pound made a fateful decision to scatter the PQ17 convoy. I would have said "Nuts" and proceeded to prepare for battle with the American forces on hand against the Germans.
    The Tirpitz didn't sortie to engage PQ17, so yes, the US cruisers would have been sufficient.

    Originally posted by flash View Post

    You are committing the elementary error of transporting yourself back to the commanders seat armed with present day information.

    But no,Bismarcks primary radar was not working before she engaged.

    Yes, night fighting at sea was a confused affair back then but it affected both sides equally and as the Japanese showed you,radar was not infallible.
    Since PQ17 was north of lattitude 74', there would be no night and no night fighting.


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