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The Brusilov offensive Fails

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  • The Brusilov offensive Fails

    Late June 1916, three weeks after the what historically got named the brusilov offensive, it is called off after the Russian forces take massive casualties, for little gains, that are far far short of what transpired historically. The Germans are not required to send much of any forces over from other fronts.

    So what happens in the next few months?

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    Not a bad question. Unfortunatly this is not a subject I know much about. You have a opinion on the outcome?


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      If the Germans do not send reinforcements from other fronts it might cause Entente to slow down their efforts in west. Cost of men is too high.

      Another possibility is that reinforcements are sent and now superior German/Austro-Hungarian forces beat Russians to pulp possibly kicking them out of the war earlier. Maybe even with separate peace with Tsar in power.
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