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You go back in time and tell your Nation 10 things to help them win World War II

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  • You go back in time and tell your Nation 10 things to help them win World War II

    You go back in time to the day before your nation entered World War II. You can tell your nations leadership ten things that will help them win the war quicker.

    Your nations leadership will believe you and act on your recommendations.

    If you are advising the German, Japanese or Italian leadership. Peace is probably a much better option than war. As strong as the German and Japanese economies are today. Imagine how strong they would be with out the destruction of World War II!

    For the U.S. I'll split my answers. Five for combating Imperial Japan, and Five for fighting the Nazi menace.

    For the U.S. its December 6th 1941.

    The coming war against Japan:

    The first one is easy. The Japanese are attacking Pearl Harbor in the morning!

    Scramble the fleet. Imagine the surprise for the Japanese naval aviators when they roar in and the fleet is gone. Have every anti-aircraft gun manned. Have fighters ready to go at the start of the attack. Fly away any aircraft that are not fighters.

    The Japanese will still do damage to facilities in Hawaii. But no ships will be lost. And many more Japanese air craft and their crews will be lost.

    As part of this notify the U.S. forces In the Philippines and other allies in the Pacific that they will be attacked.

    #2 USN your torpedoes are terrible! I saw a movie with John Wayne where he fixed the problem quickly! Do some realistic tests with 10 submarine, 10 surface and 10 aerial torpedoes. The results will be worrisome.

    #3 What to do about the Philippines? With better torpedoes the USN submarine force will be much more effective. They can be placed to strike Japanese transport and supply shipping. Also since we know the dispositions of Japanese forces the USN can strike . Have the most mobile forces defend against the Japanese landings. Pick a good defensive area. Have less mobile forces start preparing this area as a final refuge. Build defenses and bring as much food and supplies as possible to this area.

    # 4 The B-29 is going to be a great weapon. The engines need to be tested better in situations which they will be operating in. The hot humid Pacific. Work the bugs out before they are committed to the war.

    5. Don't trust the USSR as peace envoys. As Japan is backed into a corner if the U.S. puts out peace feelers go with some other nation other than the USSR.

    The War against Nazi Germany and to a lesser extent Italy.

    1. Don't send bombers in unescorted. Until a long range escort is available only bomb where supporting fighters can go with you.
    1a. Eccelerate development of a long range escort. Matting the British Merlin engine with a P-51 is a good start. P-47N Development sooner and for Europe??

    2. Start a convoy system immediatly and Shut off the lights on the coastal cities.

    3. The M4 Sherman is a great tank. It is just now going into production. When it first goes into action it is one of the best tanks in the world. Either immediately start designing a better main gun with better anti-tank capaility. Or start design on a new tank which can carry a much larger gun in the 90mm class with better armor.

    In 1941 the M4 Sherman is one of the best tanks in the world. By mid to late 1944 it needs to start being replaced or have major upgrades in its main gun. The 76mm was almost good enough. But something better was needed.

    4. The Normandy landings. They will be a great success. But some things could have went better. As part of the planning for the Normandy landings plan more for getting out of Normandy. How will we get out of the hedgerows? Have experts familiar with the hedgerows of Normandy show how hard they are to get through. A higher proportion of bulldozer tanks and "Culligan Cutters" will help. Develop tactics and train on fighting in the hedgerows before landing in Normandy.

    5. Battle of the Bulge. It can be a great trap for the Germans if you see it coming. Let them penetrate deep but shallow. Once they are over extended cut off their advance at the base.
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    For Japan:

    1. Abandon adventurism in China. You'll pi$$ everyone off and eventually you'll lose if you don't.

    2. Make nice with the US.
    If you do those two things you'll be a world super power in fifty years.

    3. Keep Manchukuo and Korea and "Japanify" them. Make it so they can't split away from Japan in the future.

    4. When the Germans start their crap in Europe make nice with the British and Russians. Germany is best played off as an enemy. France? Offer to assist them in protecting their colonies in Asia. Stir $h!+ up before handing them back. That ends French presence in Asia... You can help the economic wrecks fix their economies afterwards.

    5. Here's what you need to know to build nuclear weapons. No rush on this. You have a decade or more to get even a test going.

    6. If you're helpful, the US will give the Philippines independence and then there's no US threat in Asia, and the Philippines is an economic basket case you can rescue later.

    7. Make sure that prick Mao dies. Back the Nationalists. They'll never get their act together and you don't need China to be a major power. Owning Korea and Manchukuo will do that for you.

    8. Embrace Total Quality Management as a national imperative. Listen to Charles Deming and others on this. If your products are better than anyone else's you will conquer all markets.

    9. If you have to get into the coming war, get on the side of the US and Britain. Stay out of the heavy fighting, let them do it. You end up winning the peace that follows.

    10. Keep your navy modern and large. Pay attention to what the British and Americans are doing in this area and learn from them. Carriers and powerful aircraft are the future, embrace that.


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      Sage advice for the Japanese Empire, T.A.G.!

      If they had followed it imagine how strong their nation would be today! Controlling Korea, and a large hunk of China. The parts of China left greatly weakened. Good relations with the U.S., Brittan, and their Asian neighbors.
      "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" Beatrice Evelyn Hall
      Updated for the 21st century... except if you are criticizing islam, that scares the $hii+e out of me!


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