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If Charles Edward Stuart had stayed in Scotland

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  • If Charles Edward Stuart had stayed in Scotland

    The '45 is often portrayed as a romantic but doomed attempt at Scottish independence. However the young pretender was after the British throne and the march South ending at an inn the South side of Derby was intended to raise English Jacobites in large number (but failed dismally in this). Had he stayed in Scotland and consolidated his position could he have held the Scottish throne? Would he have wanted too? Or would Protestant opposition in Scotland have overwhelmed him anyway?
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    He was never that popular in Lowland Scotland. Even in the Highlands there were clans that opposed him. He couldn't even take Edinburgh castle. Most his troops were Highlanders, not Lowlanders.
    If he had stayed in Scotland it would only be a matter of time before an overwhelming force was assembled. If he tried to fight in southern Scitland, he would have faced a large British government army and an unfriendly local population.

    His only chance, and that wasn't a real one, was to try and get to London before the government assembled an overwhelming force. And that was never going to happen.
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      Certainly the '45 rebellion had nothing to do with Scottish independence.
      As stated,Charles Stuart didn't want to be monarch just of Scotland but Great Britain entirely. Why try to march on London otherwise?

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