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Roman America and the Spanish explorers 1492

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  • Roman America and the Spanish explorers 1492

    Hi all, this is something that I've been thinking about since yesterday.

    "In 1492 Columbus has discovered the Caribbean islands, whilst interacting with the natives he discovers that they already have some knowledge of ancient Latin and have some metal trade goods, such as axes etc. He learns that the people who traded them the axes come from the North West and sail in big, many oared ships. Intrigued that he might have found evidence of an Indian fleet he resupplies his ships and sets sail North West in search of them. He is ultimately unsuccessful in finding anything more about them before he decides to return to Spain. However, news of his ships and their exploration of the area is passed back up the trade route to interested ears and it is soon the major point of discussion in the Nova Roma senate."

    This is just the beginning of what I was thinking about. I'm not really concerned about 'how' the Roman Empire would have set up a colony in North America but in how it would have reacted to contact with an entirely different Europe to the one that it lost contact with around 1000 years previously? Thoughts and comments appreciated.
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