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    According to the "Plan" to reinforce the PI, the 34th Infantry Regiment was going in to reinforce the Philippine Division. The National Guard 161st Infantry Regiment was being sent over to be broken up as fillers for the American units on Luzon. The 34th IR had been assigned to the 8th INFDIV before this. The 161st IR had been part of the 41st Infantry Division (National Guard). At this time with all the influx of draftee and hardly trained personnel, the National Guard units were supposed considered as well trained as the Regulars. Despite this, no Regular Army Regiments were shipped out to be broken up as fillers.

    The 34th IR was sent to Hawaii instead of the PI and was attached to the 25th Infantry Division when the 298th Infantry Regiment was transferred to the 24th Infantry Division. The 298th and 299th Infantry Regiments in the Hawaiian National Guard had all of their Japanese Americans (Nisei) removed and were not combat ready. These soldiers went on to fame as the 100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei) and were attached to the 442nd Infantry Regiment when Nisei replacements got hard to find.

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