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No US Involvement in WW2, Multiple Scenario edition

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    Originally posted by Mostlyharmless View Post
    Surely some elements of the Imperial Army after 1931 correctly identified Chiang and his government as mortal enemies of Japan. The endless push forward by those leaders, such as Doihara, was not to gain territory but was aimed at preventing Chiang from building a state that could challenge Japan. Eventually, after being kidnapped, Chiang decided that he could use a war to build a state rather than building up his power and removing rivals before challenging Japan as he had initially planned.

    Having said that I should admit that I have not read Drea (or at least only read his account of Nomonhan), don't remember much about China in Kaigun and note that Barnhart mostly follows another strand of the IJA around Ishiwara (I don't know what Nagata believed) who believed that Manchuria could be developed without a war with China.
    Basically 38 according to barnhart the less radical part of the army and most of the govt wanted to conduct infrastructure spending. At this point Japan had everything it needed in Manchuria and korea.

    instead they decided to go after chiang again and increasing there defense spending significantly . Long term operation cost were killing them.

    Not that Korea would of been fully developed byt if you get to spend 10 to 14 percent of you govt spending on something like that you will make progress. btw percentage is off the top of my head since Barnhart and drea is packed away.


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      Originally posted by craven View Post
      Yep for the IJA the real enemy was always Russia

      For the IJN it was the US .
      ...and they were even equipped to fight such disparate enemies

      And from a mish-mash like that you get a really fouled up war.

      Originally posted by BobTheBarbarian View Post
      Where are you getting 45,000 Soviets and 75,000 Japanese?...
      I'd like to know that too, so I can mock the source that claims more IJN casualties than were present that the battle!
      "Why is the Rum gone?"

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