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Enver Pasha doesn't counter attack in the winter

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  • Enver Pasha doesn't counter attack in the winter

    On 1 Nov, 1914 a large Russian force of 100,000 men with only 120 cannon invaded Turkey.
    By 16 November the Russians had suffered 40% casualties.
    The Turkish 3rd army commander Hasan Izzet planned to wait until the spring to defeat the remaining force and counter attack into Russia. However, Enver Pasha decided to launch a major counter offensive in December and assumed command of the 3rd army. In the battle of Sarikamis (Turkey) on 22 December almost the whole 3rd army was lost in a frontal attack at very low temperatures against entrenched Russian forces with little artillery.

    In this scenario, Enver Pasha minds his business and Izzet is left in charge.

    Izzet bides his time and attacks in March 1915. The poorly supplied Russian troops (including many Armenian volunteers) in the bulge are encircled and destroyed. Izzet then advances in a 2 prongued attack toward Tbilisi and through Persia toward Bakú.

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