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Best scenarios for Japan 1943-1945

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    Japan could make every island look like it was heavly defened, they could bring back a million troops to deefend the home islandbut none of this would have stopped the stranglehold imposed by the USN. Needed islands would still have been taken and Japan would still come under relentless ariel bombardment. A direct invasion of Japan was never needed, not even in real time.
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    The only thing I see working is gathering as much men and material as quickly as possible in their conquered territories and taking it home. Force locals to gather fuel, metal, rubber, wood and rice and stock up every boat that can make the journey to Japan.

    Simultaneously, decoys would be constructed to make all occupied islands seem fully defended, when in actuality they were barely guarded. I imagine wooden vehicles, planes, ships, and guns. Constant patrols by the men left there to look like a lot of activity. Dress up locals as Japanese soldiers, boys, women and old men. The rest of the Japanese military would be quietly boarding ships to defend the Japanese homeland. Some more men could be sent to China and Indochina to shore up gains and resources until invasion was imminent. Once it was, they would utilize the same deception tactics as in Southeast Asia.

    Once the majority of soldiers made it back to Japanese territory, utilize and retrain them for AAA gunners, pilots, armament, fleet and aircraft manufacturing. A focus on AA tactics, weaponry and munitions, priority on long range high altitude fighters and tactics, small and fast well armored/armed warships. Utilizing captured people and unemployed citizens for construction of a huge network of defenses on Japan itself. A better early warning system of American bombers and plentiful bunkers for citizens to evacuate to. A large, well trained fire department with access to water from many sources.

    Relocation of manufacturing and naval bases out of allied air force reach. Wooden decoys built to look like built/rebuilt in place.
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      What would've been the IJN's best tactic in causing the most harm on the USN for least damage upon itself? I'm thinking better anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weaponry, radar and tactics could have helped save more ships and cause more casualties in the air and on sea. Especially their skills at night combined with a brilliant admiral that knew how to fight against the allies superior radar advantage. Then combine that with better coordination with the air force for defense of the navy, using destroyers and subs for attack and planes for defending against US aircraft.

      From 1943 on, there was a lot of battles the IJN could've done differently (or not done at all) if they realized their inferiority or futility of those battles. Having saved all those ships from all those defeats to be used for revised plans later with better equipment and tactics could've been more decisive at stopping the USN.
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