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Could the Germans have won WW2 without Hitler?

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    Originally posted by hayden1177 View Post
    I saw a documentary where the allies sent snipers to assassinate Hitler but decided against it at the last minute because they realised that Hitler was a fool and was the allies greatest asset in Germany.
    If they did assassinate Hitler, and the German army decides to keep fighting, could they have won?
    This is pre d-day by the way.
    Obviously in reality they would negotiate a peace with the allies the turn their full attention to Russia but lets pretend that they are greedy enough to want to keep Europe for them selves and stay at war with Britain/Us etc.
    Hitler dead pre D Day and the german army continuing the fight would not change the outcome.
    You would see the German army falling back quicker from Normandy after failing to stop the landings.
    At that moment attempts would certainly have been made to make a separate peace with the western allies.


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      Originally posted by hayden1177 View Post
      Hitler ordered the Germans to stay and fight. He wouldn't allow the forces to retreat, just like how he wouldn't allow Rommel to retreat after being defeated in north Africa. That's why the allies had to spend ages clearing the bocage area of Normandy. If they did retreat are and regroup are you saying they wouldn't try a counter attack as soon as possible while the Allies were still close to the coast? Air superiority obviously offers a massive advantage but it isn't the be all and end all of war. If it were as important as you are implying then the only foot soldier necessary during the war would be men to build air strips and just let bombers and fighters do all the work. Look at the battle of the bulge, the Germans performed a near successful counter attack on the US sector because it was foggy (or was it blizzards?), they would have succeeded if that idiot Hitler had't set to unrealistic targets and ran the tanks dry. Without Hitler, the Germans wouldn't have wasted their air force over Britain in attempt to destroy the RAF for operation sea lion. The question is after all what would happen if Hitler wasn't in charge.
      Certainly there would have been a retreat out of range of the allied naval guns as was proposed at the time but a succesfull counterattack would still not have been possible with the resources present. A retreat further back into France would also have happened before the allied breakout.


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