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1651: Charles found hiding in the oak - no British Empire

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  • 1651: Charles found hiding in the oak - no British Empire

    The last battle of the English Civil War was the Battle of Worcester 1651. King Charles I had been beheaded in 1649, and his son Charles led the Royalists last fling. In all scenarios it is believed that the Royalists would still have lost the battle.

    WI Charles does not escape to France, but is caught by the Roundheads hiding in the oak. He is put on trial like his father and is also publicly beheaded.

    With no Charles to be recalled back to England to be restored in 1660, with the Parliamentarians unable to provide a suitable leader to replace Cromwell's lackluster son, with the populace unwilling to install Charles brother James, nor any of the Stuarts, indeed revulsed at the thought of having any king at all, as well as tired of Puritanism, England descends in to anarchy, never to recover: the Dutch, French, Scots, Irish and even the Welsh start taking chunks out of English land; less English make it to the Colonies, there is no future UK, no British Empire, repealing of Cromwell's readmittance of Jews in to England, he has no descendant Diana.....!

    Or "cometh the hour cometh the man": would as usual some unknown new dicatatorial eventually appear, with a new ideology, leading to a new English "Royal" dynasty altogether?

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    Charles had a younger brother. James. Charles gets his head lopped. James gets the thrones in his place.

    Which, seeing as James is a devout Catholic gets intresting. Seeing as he would be leader of the Church of England.

    Possible religious wars and catholic repression? A protestant backlash and eventual victory of the Levellers and their like?

    Given that maybe a more visibly fundamentalist UK attitude to god bothering leading to the Wars of Protestant expansion in the late 1700's.

    America is still part of the Empire of God as the first rumbles of rebellion were quashed by the procters of the faithful and liberal burnings for heracy.

    The inexorable expansion of the empire over europe culminating in the last war of the antichrist and the burning of the last pope in St Peters square in ninteen sixty five.
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