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Germany beats Britain to Turkey's Chromium

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  • Germany beats Britain to Turkey's Chromium

    It goes like this Germany manages to buy all the reserve chromium off Turkey, and that chromium ends up in the Junkers Jumo 004 Jet engine that improves the life of the jet engine and it becomes an exceptional and reliable jet engine. So the Me-262 and other that use the Jet Engine don't suffer a very low rate of mechanical failures. Not only that but Germany gets an exclusive import trade deal with Turkey for any chromium they produce.

    How would this effect Britian's Jet development without Turkish Chromium. Also would this effect the air war over Europe.

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    It isn't Britain's jet development that would be critical, it would be America's production of those jet engines that would be.

    Since GE Schenckedy (sp) NY had by the end of 1942 6 million square feet of production space for jet engines and Westinghouse nearly a million more the US would have put a much higher priority on jet production. That production space is more than Junkers as a company has in Germany.

    Then you throw into the mix in mid 1943 Allison engines with a plant to match GE.

    All DeHaviland and Metrovick need to do is get their engines prototyped and working good to hand those designs over to the US for production and for GE and Allison to get their own prototypes finished and the jet race is over.

    Germany has the puny 004 with about 2,000 lbs thrust and the US / Britian have the Goblin, Beryl, J 35, and other similar ones that put out 3,500 to 5,000 lbs and are ramping up to even higher thrusts.
    That blows Germany's third generation engines like the HeS 011 out of the water.

    The only thing the US and Britain would need are high speed airframes to go with their engines.
    So, what you would see are the Allies pushing their own jets into service faster and the Germans watching as their jet advantage evaporates, then disappears, and then they are trailing the Allies once again.

    Look at the historical side of this:

    The US had a fighter group equipped with the P-59 flying in early 1944. They didn't commit that unit to combat simply because the P-59 airframe didn't work for a high speed jet.

    Britain had the Meteor in squadron service before the Me 262 but again, the airframe limited performance so there was no push to get the plane into wider service faster.

    The Germans were desperate so they pushed poorly made jets into service. Theirs performed better because they had better high speed airframes than the US and Britain did. That would change with the follow-on generation for the Allies.


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