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Germany gets a lot more resources

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  • Germany gets a lot more resources

    Starting in January 1936, Every raw resource Germany mined, produced or received is doubled, with the exception of Oil which is tripled.

    So for every ton of Iron, coal, aluminum or even tungsten produced originally they get two, every ton of Oil (includes synthetic) they get three, this increase effectively magically pops into existence, when the original ton is produced, mined or acquired. The Germans are of course some what baffled, but soon figure what the hey, some one must favor them...
    Germany still needs to refine the Iron to make Steel or Oil to Petrol, ect, but the that's partly why I have started this in 1936 to give them some time to ramp up or start working on more capacity.

    No one else gets this benefit.
    Effectively this is pondering what effects would it have if Germany had a lot more resources than it did historically.

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    Apart oil and some metals used to reinforce the tank armor, it will change anything for the rest. It's not a question to have many ressources, it's a question of wisely use them.
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      Originally posted by Nebfer View Post
      Effectively this is pondering what effects would it have if Germany had a lot more resources than it did historically.
      What the Germans needed was better leadership, it matters little how much resources you have or how professional your army is if you leadership is poor, I'm not that certain additional resources would have made much of a difference, to be honest.


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        Rubber - they had not much, which is why they had such low rates of mechanisation. Still going to have to rely on nags to move most of what they've got. And infantry to walk.


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          On paper this is a good proposition but as pointed out above, the leadership of the Reich, the ones who could make these priorities 'PRIORITIES' were not intellectually capable of making them so. They had no idea when it came to such unglamorous but essential things like resources and if it ever did trouble their little minds, they made the short sighted and arrogant assumption that the war when it came would be over in time to negate the need for such long term thinking.

          As fascinating as many of the WWII 'What ifs' are, they would mostly all have failed because Hitler et al were incapable of logical, long term strategic thinking, much less of allying such rationale to the less exciting field or war winning economics.

          Hitler was in total charge of the Third Reich and he was an intellectual pygmy, many of his key lieutenants were little better.
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            More raw material does not equal more production. Maybe a higher quality of production and fewer ersatz items but the amount turned out is likely to be the same. Germany loses.


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