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Christmas truce does not end

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  • Christmas truce does not end

    imagine the the solders in WW1 decided the high command could go shuff it and both sides just decided not to fight each other any more.
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    I doubt any soldier would be willing to take that kind of risk. It could mean being sent home in disgrace or even executed.

    The Christmas Truce of 1914 was nothing new and has happened before in history. There were plenty of incidents during the American Civil War where soldiers from the North and South would fraternize with one another. As a war dragged on these "truces" happened less frequently.
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      That would have been really cool.
      it then would really be the War to end all Wars because the old ones that declare wars would have to realize that the young that usually fight and die in these wars dont play along...
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        Would have been. Problem is, the old ones probably wouldn't find it quite so funny....and machine guns are great motivators.
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          "What if they gave a war and nobody came..."
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