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Luftwaffe becomes Strategic rather than Tactical?

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    I don't think the condor had enough bombing capacity.
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      Originally posted by Merkava188 View Post
      I mean they had the FW-200 Condor. The thing that get me is they didn't build more of these planes. The Condor was deadly as a patrol bomber scouting for the U-Boats and if more had been they could've done serious damage to the British as well as the Soviet weapons factories that moved to the Urals.
      The Fw 200 had structural problems as shown. It also had a very small internal bomb bay (an added on panner structure that couldn't hold anything larger than about a 100 kg bomb), and serious issues with vulnerability to enemy fire (for example all of the fuel lines were grouped together under the fuselage making it vulnerable to a hit and fire in that location).
      It was also weight limited by its structure (which was beefed up some as the war went on) and landing gear (this collapsed regularly from being overloaded just as the fuselage sometimes snapped).

      It was a quick fix to get a maritime patrol aircraft into service and little more. The Luftwaffe had ignored this mission pre-war as Göring really could have cared less about the needs of the Kriegsmarine.


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        edit: I thought I had something of a value to share, but later figured I missed the point. So, excuse me.

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          Why would the Luftwaffe (back in '36) want to consider a strategic air force?

          The Germans (as late as early 1940) did not consider that they would have to fight any country that did not border the Reich. At best, a bomber would be
          required to reach Britain.

          The Luftwaffe might however realise (say in 1940) that would need more long range aircraft for Maritime recon and that might have led them to go for more FW200's or a better variant of it. They might have been able to do this, and preserve their dive bombers (without which the whole doctrine behind Blitzkrieg might have to change)

          I'm not sure if the Luftwaffe could have addressed the problem of suitable engines, or producing them in enough numbers and how how to develop long range fighter escorts for this strategic bomber force.


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