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Admiral Canaris assasinated

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  • Admiral Canaris assasinated

    I read that the British tried to assassinate Admiral Canaris in Spain in 1916, when he was working there as a German agent. What if they had succeeded? He was important in getting Germany into the Spanish Civil War.
    1. Would Germany have still been involved in the Spanish Civil War?
    2. Would Spain have joined WW2? Canaris was in charge of the negotiations and told Franco not to join, even when Franco offered to join the war.
    3. Would the Abwehr have been more effective (e.g. better intelligence during the Battle of Britain, V1/V2 campaigns)? I think that the stupidity of the German agents who landed in Britain in 1940 might have been deliberate, either to cover up real agents or because Canaris wanted them to fail.
    4. Would the Abwehr have been taken over by the SS/SD?

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