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Anther what if, Germany vs Russia.

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    There are so many events in history that we can look at and see that history changed on that day, or because of that event, the invasion of Poland is one of them, 9/11 is one of them, 12/7/41 is also, the assassination of JFK defiantly falls into that category. So it is difficult to imagine history not taking those twists and turns.
    Maybe that is what makes what if fun and in some cases not so much. Without side tracking this subject, one has to wonder though.
    Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.


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      Originally posted by Urban hermit View Post
      Ok folks....this is the Alternate Time line forum. Throw away your history books.
      What ifs are just that...not what was....
      If Germany had not attacked Poland, but Russia had, and then Germany counter attacked.
      What would the BEF and the US reaction?
      The easier way to think about this, if Russia has been the aggressor, and it came down to just Germany and Russia facing each other in 1940 how would history have changed?
      Soviet Union =/= Russia.
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