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Make a acceptable Peace Treaty with the UK.

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    "It's like shooting rats in a barrel."
    "You'll be in a barrel if you don't watch out for the fighters!"

    "Talking about airplanes is a very pleasant mental disease."
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      Originally posted by Lionhearti View Post
      Your Hitler. You have just taken over France. You and the British have delegates in Zurich discussing a possible end of the war. Here is your challenge make the treaty acceptable enough to the British
      With Churchill in charge no terms will be accepted.


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        Keep in mind that even if we find a deal acceptable to the British with something like status quo ante bellum in the west, the Germans are not able to exploit the resources of those countries (incl. "borrowing" factory workers). The other implication is that the British are certainly not going to agree to halt rearmament with a warmongering Germany at their doorstep looking east for its next meal. If Winston is still in charge for this timeline, it's going to be treated like a ceasefire, not a peace.

        I'm not sure how war with Japan is going to pan out in this scenario either. I don't think this is plausible anyway, the British didn't agree to terms when they thought an invasion was imminent and possible, and you're probably going to have to have Churchill assassinated to get papers signed.


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