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  • the byzantin empier olds strong

    In this altertive history the 4th crusade does not sake Constantinople and instead fights the turks. This means the empier though a shadow of it's forma glory is able to last till the 16th centaury.

    What will change.

    A few historains mark the end of the empier with start of the rensaince and age of enlighnment. Saying many of the empiers great minds fled to western europe. If so it may have dealyed this prosces.

    Russia would have far less to worry about from the turks. There may be no turkish russian war all together. Thuse no wesstern force invading russia and no charge of the light brigade.

    Many wonderfull artfacts would still be around.

    WW1 would be very diffrent. With out a doubt the turks would be fighting on 2 fronts.

    WW2 is to far for me to think.

    Personaly I think it's fall is one of the sadest stories of a nastion. It percvied for ages, and ended up betrayied by those who claimed to come to save it. And it is one of only a few nastion to fight a truely great last stand. Even though the turks them 10 to 1 on low estermets the battel was not a one sided affare. Truelly the world is worse off with out them.
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    I dunno...
    The most remarkable thing about that Empire is that it lasted as long as it did. Do you realize that more time went by between the 1st and last Muslim attack on that city than has passed since it fell?

    I read a book a while ago about a Byzantine Empire that lasted into the 1500s, the Muslim religion had never come about due to a change of heart on Mo's part.

    So, the "Romanoi" and the Persians continue to slug it out century after century, allies only once to stop (just barely) a Mongol invasion and things just keep going the same old way.

    If Constantinople stays in business, no great age of exploration?


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      it's not going to stop the Age of Exploration, that was going to happen anyway because other countries wanted in on the spice and silk trade (not to mention the potential gold and silver finds). It would mean no (or a much slower) Renaissance, though, as much of the Renaissance was caused by Byzantine scholars and books going west. So instead of Muslims arguing that we should be using Sharia law, we might still be arguing about the church's right to be involved in politics and dictate what we can or cannot say/believe.


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