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Italy in World War II

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  • Aber
    Originally posted by Philip F View Post
    The build up to the war I would have also had a railway constructed across Northern Libya to the Egyptian border.
    I'd suggest you get a tape measure out for that, check up on port capacities in North Africa, and also read-up on the East African campaign.

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  • Philip F
    started a topic Italy in World War II

    Italy in World War II

    What should Italy have done in world war II?
    What would you have done if you were Mussolini?
    We all know what a disaster the war was for Fascist Italy I would like peoples opinions on what Italy should have done differently starting from Germanys attack on Poland.

    I myself would have likely entered the war at the same time Mussolini did.
    However after that things would have been quite different.
    For one they would be no large scale deployment of forces on the Yugoslav border or in Albania.
    Only Alpine and Mountain troops would be on the French border.
    Which would carry out token bombardments on the French.
    The main attacks would come against Malta and an attack by 3 Armoured Divisions and several Mobile Infantry Divisions into Tunisia.
    The build up to the war I would have also had a railway constructed across Northern Libya to the Egyptian border.
    I would expect Malta to fall but the attack on Tunisia not to be greatly successful.
    I would ask Hitler for Corsica, Nice, Savoy and Tunisia once France capitulates and unlike Mussolini I would not withdraw the request.
    In return I would support Vichy claims to Waloonia and French Switzerland.
    I would also offer the Swiss and ultimatum on dissolution of their state along with Germany and France doing the same.
    Switzerland did not intend to fight should this happen.
    Italian Switzerland would then become part of Italy.
    I would accept Hitler's OTL offer of 2 Panzer Divisions in June 1940 for deployment in Italy and would request German airpower be added.
    The forces deployed against the French in Tunisia would then be moved to the Egyptian border along with the German forces and an attack on Egypt would begin in September 1940 which the British would have little chance of resisting.
    This success would likely be enough to bring Franco into the war by the start of 1941.
    My next attack would be an invasion of Sudan in December 1940.
    I would encourage further German armour deployment on the Egyptian border with Palestine to be supported by Italian infantry with an invasion of Palestine coming in early 1941.
    If all goes well Sudan should be captured just in time to link up with Italian forces in East Africa and begin to support them while the combined German/Italian force should have managed to take over Palestine and Iraq by Summer 1941.
    I would offer Kurdistan to Turkey to get them to enter the war and Cyprus to Greece.
    I would also by the summer of 41 ask for the license for the German Mk4 tank originally 50mm gun but upgraded to 75mm when the Germans do.
    At some point in the first half of 1941 I would attempt an amphibious landing in Aden with the deployment of the entire Italian navy and mass German and Italian air support from the African coast.
    From then on holding actions will be fought in that region as the British grow stronger.
    I would offer Hitler 20 Italian infantry and Cavalry Divisions for deployment in Russia as many will be static as they lack decent equipment they can be used for occupation duties.
    The Alpine Divisions will be sent to the Caucasus and Northern Iraq to assist the German attack into the Caucasian Republics.
    From July 1941 onwards I would like the bulk of the Italian Navy deployed in the Black Sea.
    All in in all this should see an earlier Axis invasion of the USSR with no Balkan diversion, greater logistical support via the Black Sea and far greater Axis manpower.
    It would likely be enough to see the fall of the Crimea and Odessa much faster than in OTL, the fall of Moscow, the capture of the Southern Caucasus, the capture and holding of Rostov.
    I would not declare war on the USA at the end of the year but would expect the USA will still declare on Italy so would only do so in retalisation. At this point all remaining Infantry and Mountain Divisions would be sent to guard the Moroccan and Iberian Coasts.
    In 1942 the rest of the Caucasus and Leningrad could be captured after that its a case of batten down the hatches and brace yourself for the US, UK and USSR counters strokes in the coming years.
    With luck the Axis may grind the rest to stalemate and a cease fire by 1944/45.

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