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A New Day-Game Set In 2024 in the U.S.A.

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    Darlin, you ARE the first lady!

    Originally posted by Persephone View Post
    I want to be the First Lady!
    This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Admiral Ellzey, will you add these as I am not at liberty to do such at the moment.OOC Bronchitis, harvesting, and school wreak havoc on a person.
      This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Not only do the above mess you up, a farm GM's job, quitting college, and my daughter-in-law's having a rough time with my twin grandsons. I'll be in and out at odd times. So this game will be suspended until 1-1-14. Or 1-2. We'll be back.
        This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Reb, I hope that your grandsons get healthy soon. Keep us updated.
          "War is sorrowful, but there is one thing infinitely more horrible than the worst horrors of war, and that is the feeling that nothing is worth fighting for..."
          -- Harper's Weekly, December 31, 1864


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            ^^This. We can wait until things turn out okay.
            "A foolish man thinks he knows everything if placed in unexpected difficulty; but he knows not what to answer, if to the test he is put."



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              Dinosaur set me up VP of America. Or hmm maybe President of Russia for a taste of something different


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                VP is taken kiddo. I got a plan for you. Working on it now.
                Fiona has turned the corner, now we just got to get her to be able to carry the boys til my birthday(12-24) when she is due. Thanks all.
                This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by rebpreacher View Post
                  A NEW DAY

                  Its the year 2024, The U.S. Has went through many changes. Wars in the Middle East and wars in its own country, especially between the senate, house, and whatever President was in charge. The Middle East war and other skirmishes has brought great calamity to our country. Many new political parties have sprang up from the ashes of the old.
                  The People's Party led by new President Francis M. Day, has brought a new day to America. He's disbanded many rich, treacherous, thieving companies, and changed the course of the entire U.S. By bringing much of the running of the country back in line with what the Founding Fathers had in mind so long ago.

                  President Day has brought more into the Armed Forces, by training prisoners/convicts to fight on the front lines. They have to pass a rigid exam drawn up by President Day himself, a former Marine Lieutenant Colonel who fought in the Afghan and Middle East Wars. If they pass, and excel in courage, service, and leadership, they have opportunities for advancement.
                  He has clamped down on crime, put tougher judges on the benches, changed the Supreme Court.

                  He has established Cannabis to be legal in all 52 states. It is taxed high and also high for price. 150.00 an ounce, and taxed 12.5% plus state taxes. The drug is regulated and sold via the Pharmaceutical Cabinet, which handles the growing and is the watchdog of all sales.

                  The drug trafficking has been cut to 63% due to the closing of the Mexican borders, and the strict watchful eyes of the Navy and Coast Guard between Cuba and the US. Drug sales in America is down 77%. Grand Admiral Matthew R. Ellzey, III is in charge of the maritime duties and his combined Navy and Coast Guard has done well. President Maurice Stander combined the Navy and Coast Guard together to save dollars in 2022. Ellzey is the youngest Admiral in history, becoming Admiral at 39. He became Grand Admiral in 2021 under President Stander.

                  President Day has established a new tax code for America. The wealthiest of individuals will pay 34.5% for the first four years of his Presidency. They will set aside 1% or more per quarter for their own retirement, insurance, etc. To not burden the ones who truly need it. Many of the wealthiest retirees will spend most of their time on round the world cruise ships. Called USA/World ships, they will live in luxury apartments aboard ships.

                  The tax code breaks down as thus:

                  Under 50K per year > 1%
                  51-75K per year 3.5%
                  76-100K per year 5%
                  101-150K per year 7.5%
                  151-200K per year 10%
                  201-250K per year 12.5%
                  251-500K per year 15%
                  501K-1 mil-17.5%
                  1-3 Mil-20%
                  3-10 Mil-22.5%
                  10-50 mil. 25%
                  On up between 30 and 34.5% depending on income.

                  The wealthiest companies will share in this as well, with 30-32% tax, but will have incentives and tax breaks if they hire Americans and Service people. If not, no extras will be given them.

                  President Day, as he learned from President Maurice Stander, his predecessor in the People's Party, and the first PP President, serve the people. Be for and be one with the people.
                  President Stander put into law the limits on Presidential stipend, of 75K per year, plus expenses, and only 2 vacations per year.
                  There are now three terms for the President to serve. He/She may serve more if a special committee of congress deems the President is on the right track.

                  We have taken Detroit back to heights not seen in generations, as the companies build Jeeps, All-terrain vehicles, and many service vehicles for the Armed Forces, as well as energy-efficient vehicles. Car sales are higher than in many years, due to new financing and tax breaks. Tax breaks given to all American companies.

                  Shipping has went up to astronomical heights in the Stander/Day administrations. Much of the shipping is done via 'Fast Track,' A new form of high-speed rail, and Cargo ships. The most shipping done via water in generations.

                  If Governors of any of the 52 states violate new rules set up by the federal government, they can be removed overnight. The country is running smoother than in years past.

                  In President Day's America, people are happier, getting back where they were prior to the 'dark days.' Its A New Day.
                  How will Detroit be restored?
                  How will racial unity be created in the army when its selected from prisons which are split into racial gangs?
                  Also why would drug use decrease when the drug is more easily available?


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                    Restored from the ashes of despair. The car makers will be working constantly. There will be many things coming to change it. AKA Martial law for a time-being. Its unfolding as its written.
                    This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Ooh let me be defense secretary ill lock in order to this country.


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