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    Back story.

    As Australia began the slow recovery from the crimminal spending or the former Labor Government the dream of an Australia far removed from the rest of the world was brought to a catastrophic reallity when in 2016 just prior to the federal election a series of terrorist attack by Al-Queda took place in every capital city, the targets were the vulnerable public transport system, thrains, busses and ferries became the targets of the suicide bomber. Included bombs placed in the cities rubbish bins. The worst of all was the shooting down of an Qantas Airbus-380 with the loss of 500 lives in the aircraft and a further 450 on the ground. Thousands were killed, and 10 times that many wounded. Even throughout on the day of the election election polling places came under attack.

    Within a blink of an eye, the majority of the population wanted revenge, they called for an end to multi-culturalism. Multi-cultralism in the end became a failed social experiment beginning with a bunch of do gooders in the early 1970's. At the time after the bombings a small party barely a blip on the horizon. Headed by its charismatic leader Roderick MacDonald saw a great opportunity to exploit the ground swell of xenophobic hatred. From a membership of just 65, Roderick MacDonald was able to register his new political party with over 2,350 new members. So thus was born the Australian Nazi Party, from north to south, east to west, from the heart of Australia and it's coastline Roderick MacDonald set about telling anyone who is prepared to come and hear him tell the brutal truth of what is happening.

    ........... more later.
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      Matthew R. Ellzey III
      Born May 26, 1980 in Houston, Texas, Matthew Ryan Ellzey III lived with his mother, his aunt (who was like a second mother to him), and his maternal grandparents. He was an only child who never knew his father, and his mother's two brothers were definitely no bargains, so his grandfather was the only male influence in his life for much of his childhood. His grandfather died in 1992 when Ellzey was 12, and his aunt, basically a second mother to him, died when he was 14 in 1994. His grandmother lived long enough to see her youngest grandson apply for the U.S. Naval Academy and go through his first two years before passing in 2000.

      Ellzey graduated at the top of his class in June 2002 and was commissioned an Ensign. He chose gunnery as his specialty, and was especially proud to be one of those chosen to serve on the battleship Wisconsin, then currently still in commission as a gunnery training ship. He was promoted Lieutenant (j.g.) in June 2003, and Lieutenant in June 2005. When Wisconsin was decommissioned in January 2006, Lieutenant Ellzey was reassigned to the new battleship Louisiana as a junior gunnery officer, becoming Chief Gunnery Officer in 2008 upon his promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

      Promoted Commander in 2011, Ellzey was assigned as XO of the missile cruiser Ticonderoga, and then as XO of the battleship Vermont. He was promoted Captain in 2014 and commanded the oiler Laramie, the destroyer Arleigh Burke and finally the battleship Delaware, which Ellzey considered to be the pinnacle of his career. In 2017, he was promoted Rear Admiral (lower half) and made the Delaware his personal flagship, remaining in command of her surface combat group for a year, at which time he was then promoted Rear Admiral (upper half) and assigned command of the newest carrier battle group, with Enterprise (CVN-80) as his flagship.

      In 2020, he was promoted Vice Admiral and made Commander Naval Surface Forces Atlantic, and a year later became the youngest full Admiral in U.S. Naval History at age 37, when he was appointed United States Fleet Forces Command. In 2023, he was appointed to his current post of Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Navy & Coast Guard (COMNAVCG), and became the first Fleet Admiral since Chester Nimitz. He accepted the promotion in rank with the condition that ADMs Raymond Spruance and Marc Mitscher be posthumously promoted to the same rank. A year later, Congress voted to promote him to the six-star rank of Grand Admiral, with the proviso that all former FADMs (save Ernest King, whom Ellzey disliked due to his philandering ways) be posthumously promoted along with him.

      In his off-time, Ellzey spends most of his time at home with his dog Kiska, an Alaskan Malamute / Wolf mix. He is a fan of the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Houston Texans, and enjoys reading about the Titanic and World War II naval history. He is a huge fan of the television show Duck Dynasty, which is currently in its 15th Season. He has no close family, and despite being voted Most-Eligible Military Bachelor for the past five years running, he remains unmarried.
      SGT, 210th MP Battalion, 2nd MP BDE, MSSG

      Fervently PRO-TRUMP, anti-Islam and anti-Steelers!


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