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Richard plays it straight.

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  • Richard plays it straight.

    Would the Yorkists chances of keeping the throne have been better if Richard of Glouster had played it straight and supported his nephew Edward v rather than deposing him?

    I suspect that Henry Tudor would still have invaded, but would Richard, Lord Protector, have stood a better chance than Richard iii?
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    I think there are several distinct questions here.

    I certainly believe that the Yorkists would have retained the throne in the short term. Whether they'd keep it in the long term would depend on how Edward V turned out as a king: if he became another Richard II he might well have ended up being deposed.

    The second question is whether Richard (later the III) could survive as Protector with the Woodvilles trying to cut him out. Supposing he managed to neutralise them as he did in OTL we can't really say how Edward V would react: he might be extremely resentful of his uncle, or he might be glad to get out from under the thumb of his mother's relatives.

    I think it's quite unlikely Henry (later VII) would invade if Edward V was on the throne, since a lot of his support depended on his decision to marry Elizabeth of York and thus legitimise his claim to the throne. With a legitimate king and an heir in waiting, undertaking to marry their sister is a bit pointless. Bosworth would have turned out very differently if the Stanleys had remained loyal to Edward V.


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      Richard executed Edward's half brother before he (Richard) assumed the throne, he was already committed by then. So if he was playing it straight he wouldn't have executed Grey and Rivers, possibly just imprisoning them until he had consolidated his position as regent.
      I think there would still have been a Woodville/Tudor rebellion against Richard's regency with the objective of securing possession of the king.
      If the Woodvilles and Tudor could secure Edward and overthrow Richard's regency then they would rule by proxy until Edward became of age. Henry still had plenty to gain by invading, including marriage to Elizabeth.
      "To be free is better than to be unfree - always."


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