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Could the Philippines be saved?

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  • Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
    What units of the Australian Army did you see?
    Plenty, I'll get back to it. I'm working the Dutch now.
    Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
    The Aussies were focused on defending Singapore and even then one brigade was just scattered. Keep in mind the Australian Army AEF troops were usually given a 2/ designation so they should be easy to identify. The Mounted Infantry in Australia was Militia and would need a lengthy government decision. The Armor Division that was eventually formed from Cavalry was eventually dissolved although several Armor Battalions fought at Balikpapan in 1945.
    Thank you, I know.
    Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
    With so many Australian Regular units supporting the British and so few Australian units available to fight invasion, I don't see any Australian Government nobly sending troops to hold DEI islands. Churchill had to convince the Americans to send several divisions to Australia and the first couple weren't even combat ready.
    Forget about divisions, I am talking task forces for point defenses. It's an emergency - with more decisive superior leadership than in the OTL - and a little less invasion scare. More decisive superior leadership goes for all the involved nations.

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